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Award Winning Digital Care Planning And Monitoring Solution.

One of the services we now provide is a mobile app which provides visibility of care plans, notes and records to authorised parties called PASSsystem.

What is PASSsystem and who can use it?

PASSsystem extends the secure connection and data from The PASSsystem to verified customers, family carers, family members and friends. The PASSsystem is the digital care management and monitoring system used by our Care Workers to support and record the care that we deliver.

PASSsystem is a unique application that provides inclusive access to all real-time care plans and records. The application opens up useful communication channels too; the family and care providers can now all work alongside one another to gain access to relevant information and transform care delivery.

Where PASSsystem can be used.

PASSsystem is now available on web, mobile and tablet. It can be used for free in the customer’s home or for small monthly fee for anywhere else.

How safe is my personal information and care notes?

At Allander Homecare, we take our client confidentiality and data protection obligations seriously. The access and security measures in place with the PASSsystem app will keep your care notes secure and viewable only by those designated persons you allow to gain access.

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