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Self-Directed Support is about you having choice and control over your life and support needs and the support that you require to assist you to remain independent while living in your own house or other community setting. Independent Living is about freedom, choice, dignity and control. ‘Choice’ is about what you want to do and where you want to live and have ‘Control’ over who provides you with the support. We want to encourage people to have real choice and control in all areas of their life. Self-directed Support allows people, their carers and their families to make informed choices on what their support looks like and how it is delivered, making it possible to meet agreed personal outcomes.

Who can receive Self Directed Support?

Any person, service user or carer, who is assessed by Social Work Services, and meets the Council’s Eligibility Criteria to receive support, can ask to manage that support using Self Directed Support options.

What can you use Self Directed Support for?

Self-directed Support can be used in many ways. You can get support to live in your own home, such as help with having a bath or getting washed and dressed. Out of the home it could support you to go to college, to continue in employment or take a job, or to enjoy leisure pursuits more. Instead of relying on the activities run at a day centre, you might arrange for a care company of your choice to help you spend time out with your home.

What are the Self Directed Support options?

Option 1 – The Council provides you with a direct payment. This money will be used by you to buy support.

Option 2 – You choose the support you require and request that the Council makes arrangements to provide and pay for this support on your behalf.

Option 3 – You ask the Council to choose the support you require, and to make arrangements to provide and pay for this on your behalf.

Option 4 – you choose a combination of Options 1, 2 and 3 for each type of support identified within your Support Plan.

What will I have to do?

Ask your allocated social worker for an Assessment:

You will be involved in an assessment of your needs. Some people already know what they need and feel happy to discuss this with their Social Worker. Other people may need the support of someone to talk through the issues surrounding their support needs. You may choose to involve a carer, family member, friend or the local Advocacy Service in the assessment process.

Support Plan:

We will work with you during the assessment process to identify your goals and outcomes. From this, we will develop a Support Plan. Your Support Plan will set out your choices of support to help you meet the agreed goals and outcomes identified in your assessment. Your Support Plan will show:

  • How you intend to achieve your outcomes
  • How much this will cost
  • Who is responsible for providing or arranging the support you require
  • How any risks will be managed

It will also identify your back up emergency plans.

Choose an Option:

When your Support Plan has been agreed you will be able to choose the Self-Directed Support option that you feel will best suit your circumstances. If you feel that your chosen option is not working for you, you can contact us to discuss changing your current arrangements.

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